At Quebrada we offer textured white sandwich bread, a 100% whole-wheat bread and a delicious whole wheat challah loaf. All make awesome grilled cheese and PB & J’s, and are wonderful for morning toast.

Our white bread is made with unbleached, un-bromated flour.

Baked fresh every Friday Quebrada Braided Challah, Cardamom and Cinnamon Breads are customer favorites. Our Cinnamon Bread loaf is also made from our whole wheat challah dough, with just the right sweetness for toast or snacks.

Quebrada Cardamom coffee bread loaf is a slightly-sweet bread with Swedish origins. Some of our customers enjoy it plain or toasted for breakfast on the weekends, while still others love it as a simple and satisfying dessert.

Like all Quebrada products, we use no preservatives in our bread; it’s bakery fresh and
begs to be enjoyed promptly.

White Bread Loaf

 Thursday, Saturday 

Challah Loaf

Braided Challah
Plain, Sesame, Poppy, Raisin

Cardamom Coffee Bread

Cinnamon Loaf

did you know?

Our Cardamom Bread is a coffee bread that has its origins in Swedish kitchens, and is mildly-spiced and slightly-sweet. It’s wonderful warm or toasted. Every Friday, when it’s fresh out of the oven, our Cardamom Bread fans pay us a visit. In fact, one of the nearby medical practices has made it a Friday morning staff meeting tradition. They know what’s good for them!