Sweet Beginnings

The Freshest, Simplest Wholesome Ingredients Available.


Quebrada (said as: “Kay-bra-da”) is a Spanish geographical term used throughout Central and South America to denote a break in terrain.

Our sweet beginnings start bright and early every morning at all 3 locations, East Arlington, Belmont Center and Wellesley Hills. We strive to bring the freshest, simplest and most wholesome Ingredients in every decadent bite.

Kay Wiggin, founder and entrepreneur extraordinaire opened her first bakery location in 1977 in East Arlington. Up at 3 AM each day, and dedicated to making it big, she started off producing a wholesale line of strictly organic breads, muffins,and honey buns.

The success of the bakery’s products at Bread & Circus (now Whole Foods in Wellesley Hills), combined with “an amazing interest in her ‘to die for’ croissants, prompted Kay to open a retail bakery next door.

The bakery and store features hand-rolled artisan croissants and breakfast baked goods, barista coffees and teas, and a full line of petite and full size dessert offerings. Custom decorated cakes and cupcakes.Something for every sweet tooth. Growing up in a western Pennsylvanian German baking family, Kay brings years of tradition to her hand-made baked goods with the love, care and only the finest ingredients in every bite.

The deal keeps getting sweeter, with the second generation stepping in to continue serving you nothing but the best in quality and service.

Come visit us at our locations: Arlington, Belmont and Wellesley